Saturday, March 03, 2007

Power Girl: The Classifieds Movie

One mov, QuickTime video file | 53.6 Mb | 14:26
Now you would expect a Catwoman fan film, but how about Power Girl? Power Girl has been making the rounds in the pages of DC Comics these days in series such as JSA Classified. Tawnya Manion does a great job in the first Power Girl video ever. This film relies on Tawnya's acting and hot bod to give us an idea of what would happen if Power Girl had to go out in the real world and find a paying job. It's funny and entertaining. If you pass the download link onto your friends make sure to mention that you found the video at Jack Bauer's Headquarters. Enjoy! Everyone have an awesome weekend! See you next week! Bauer out.
Power Girl: The Classifieds Movie

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