Saturday, September 08, 2007

Monthly Comic Book Sales

So what are the most popular selling comics of today? The numbers are in for July 2007.

1. Thor #1 - 165,267 copies
2. Fallen Son: Death of Captain America: Iron Man #5 - 156,825
3. World War Hulk #2 - 155,267
4. Wolverine #55 - 130,661
5. Dark Tower Gunslinger Born #6 - 128,291
6. New Avengers #32 - 122,947
7. Justice League of America #11 - 122,780
8. Mighty Avengers #4 - 107,730
9. All Star Batman & Robin #6 - 105,954
10. Amazing Spider-Man #542 - 105,678
There have been some notable changes in the charts since the June sales. Thor #1 comes out of nowhere and steals the top spot. I don't remember the last time any issue of Thor came close to the top ten. World War Hulk gets bumped down a couple slots. First issues usually sell best. There was no new issue of Wolverine the previous month, so he's back where he belongs. X-Men was up to 3rd in sales last month with the release of the double-size 200th issue. Issue #201 has dropped to 17th in sales. Stephen King's Dark Tower seems to be very popular at the moment holding its June position. New Avengers slides down to 6th after the much advertised issue #31 with the surprise ending shot up sales to 2nd place. Justice League of America loses some ground in sales, resulting in a one slot fall. Mighty Avengers reappears after being mia in June. All Star Batman surprises people with a new issue release. Draw faster Jim! And Amazing Spider-Man drops two spots to cling onto 10th. Alex Ross' spectaculary painted Justice is missing from the top ten this month as the storyline was wrapped up with issue #12, selling over 112,000 copies. Sales for DC Comics Countdown are considerably less than the previous weekly series 52. There's been about a 20,000 copy decrease from 52 sales. It's still selling strong though with about 72,000 copies per issue. I'm sure that any company would be happy with a weekly book bring in those kind of numbers. That's your monthly report. Bauer out.

Witchblade Issue #1

One cbr file | 12 Mb | 22 pages
Oh, how the mighty have fallen. While major Image titles like Wildcats, Youngblood, Cyberforce, Gen13, and Wetworks have been cancelled at one time or another, Witchblade has continued to trot along with monthly issues since its first issue in 1995. Of course this first issue of Witchblade was a tremendous hit, but so were those other Image titles. So what makes Witchblade so special? One big element is that Witchblade has been able to escape the bad girl mold that is was originally cast. If it was just about some voluptuous babe in tiny clothes and no story direction it could have ended up like Lady Death, Shi, or Vampirella. Another factor is that Witchblade has continued to keep up a solid level of artwork and writing talent throughout the years. Readers actually feel like the lead character Sara Pezzini is taking a journey through a meaningful storyline that builds with every issue. It also helped that Witchblade was never a character completely owned by an individual artist. When artist Michael Turner left the series, the book kept flying along like nothing happened. Granted Witchblade is not nearly as popular as it once was. July's issue #109 sold over 14,000 copies, placing it at 142nd in sales for that month. But things like sales can change dramatically from year to year. Who would have expected the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer book to be selling 100,000 copies a month? You never know where the next hit will appear. So take a look at how Sara Pezzini changed from a regular cop in New York to a supercop. Excellent art by that Turner dude. Enjoy! Bauer out.

Witchblade Issue #1
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Friday, September 07, 2007

Batman: New Times Video

One mov, Quicktime video file | 84 Mb | 11:58
It's been a long time since I've posted a fan film on Jack Bauer's Headquarters. I always tried to post the best of the best and Batman: New Times is no exception. There's some excellent animation in this Lego-animated video and a good story. There's also an all-star cast of voices. The 1960s Batman (Adam West) is Batman and 1990s Joker of the Batman Animated Series (Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker) is the Joker. How cool is that?! Courtney Thorne-Smith (Melrose Place, According to Jim) is Catwoman and Dick Van Dyke (Night At the Museum, Dick Van Dyke Show, Diagnosis Murder) is Commisioner Gordon. Batman fan should love this one. Enjoy! Bauer out.

Batman: New Times Video

The Tenth Issue #1

One cbz file | 13 Mb | 27 pages
Sometimes comic book artists explode onto the scene. Usually when this happens, they hit their peak too early and then their artwork declines. Tony Daniel was certainly a hit when he arrived with his tight penciling style in the 90s. He was hot off his stint on the highly popular Spawn and even drew an issue of Witchblade. Daniel's artwork is very impressive in these original issues of his own book titled The Tenth. It's violent, the girls are hot, and it's just plain fun. So if you enjoy stuff like that and enjoy seeing big, creepy Hulk-like characters running around, this book is for you. Enjoy! Bauer out.

The Tenth Issue #1

Masters of the Universe Issue #1

One cbr file | 4 Mb | 23 pages
We've had Transformers, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and now here's another comic book series of the 80s. Masters of the Universe was really big as an animated series during the 80s and even made a comeback a few years ago with an updated series. So if an animated series was popular, it usually had a comic book too. It's interesting that after this mini-series ended with DC that Marvel Comics continued a regular series. In 2003, Masters of the Universe was restarted as an Image Comic with some pretty sweet artwork. There is talk about a Masters of the Universe movie being in the works. This would not be the first time that He-Man hit the big screen. He was portrayed by Dolph Lundgren back in 1987 with Courtney Cox being the helpless teen. Although Dolph is rarely remembered for more than his role as the steriod pumped boxer in Rocky IV, Masters of the Universe is probably his best movie. Skeletor is plenty evil and James Tolkan plays a crazy shotgun toting detective (who we all remember as Mr. Strickland from the Back to the Future movies). Enjoy! Bauer out.

Masters of the Universe Issue #1
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