Saturday, September 08, 2007

Monthly Comic Book Sales

So what are the most popular selling comics of today? The numbers are in for July 2007.

1. Thor #1 - 165,267 copies
2. Fallen Son: Death of Captain America: Iron Man #5 - 156,825
3. World War Hulk #2 - 155,267
4. Wolverine #55 - 130,661
5. Dark Tower Gunslinger Born #6 - 128,291
6. New Avengers #32 - 122,947
7. Justice League of America #11 - 122,780
8. Mighty Avengers #4 - 107,730
9. All Star Batman & Robin #6 - 105,954
10. Amazing Spider-Man #542 - 105,678
There have been some notable changes in the charts since the June sales. Thor #1 comes out of nowhere and steals the top spot. I don't remember the last time any issue of Thor came close to the top ten. World War Hulk gets bumped down a couple slots. First issues usually sell best. There was no new issue of Wolverine the previous month, so he's back where he belongs. X-Men was up to 3rd in sales last month with the release of the double-size 200th issue. Issue #201 has dropped to 17th in sales. Stephen King's Dark Tower seems to be very popular at the moment holding its June position. New Avengers slides down to 6th after the much advertised issue #31 with the surprise ending shot up sales to 2nd place. Justice League of America loses some ground in sales, resulting in a one slot fall. Mighty Avengers reappears after being mia in June. All Star Batman surprises people with a new issue release. Draw faster Jim! And Amazing Spider-Man drops two spots to cling onto 10th. Alex Ross' spectaculary painted Justice is missing from the top ten this month as the storyline was wrapped up with issue #12, selling over 112,000 copies. Sales for DC Comics Countdown are considerably less than the previous weekly series 52. There's been about a 20,000 copy decrease from 52 sales. It's still selling strong though with about 72,000 copies per issue. I'm sure that any company would be happy with a weekly book bring in those kind of numbers. That's your monthly report. Bauer out.

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