Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wizard Magazine #180

One cbr file | 28 Mb | 91 pages
It's nice to see all the people currently visiting this new blog. Thanks for all the great comments! This blog will focus mainly on comic books. I will be posting other material on here (like tv shows), but the majority of postings will be comics. Currently I have Batman, Ghost Rider, Superman, Fantastic Four, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics posted. I'll try to make this blog interesting by throwing in a wide variety of titles to break up any monotony. Like now! I'm throwing in a recent issue of the comic book magazine Wizard. The news about upcoming comics is always great, but my favorite section of Wizard is "Magic Words." It's usually the most colorfully written section. Enjoy! Bauer out.
Wizard Magazine #180

Batman Issue #345 & 346

Two cbr files | 8 Mb each | 27 pages each
The first issue is titled "Calling Doctor Death." Two-Face creates some more problems in Gotham in the next issue titled "Half A Hero."
Batman Issue #345
Batman Issue #346

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Fantastic Four v.2 Issue #1

One cbr file | 23 Mb | 40 pages
There was a time in the comic book universe that it was doubtful that Jim Lee would draw another issue of anything again. Lee retired from drawing books after his final issue of W.I.L.D.C.A.T.S. with issue #13 (Lee is currently penciling the new W.I.L.D.C.A.T.S. series).

He also drew an issue of the Savage Dragon, which kind of backfired when creator Erik Larson discovered that Jim killed off one of the Dragon's main characters. You would think that Jim and Erik would have talked about something like that before the issue was released. Larson ended up redoing that issue so that his character was resurrected.

So for a year or two Jim was only writing stories and then he suddenly decided to make a comeback with Gen 13 v2 issues 6 & 7. Jim was temporarily back, but his artwork was not nearly as impressive as regular Gen 13 artist at the time J. Scott Campbell.

It wasn't until Lee announced that he and Rob Liefeld would undertake Marvel's Heroes Reborn project that Lee returned to his super talented penciling. The whole idea with Heroes Reborn was to jump start some Marvel titles that were selling at the bottom of the charts: Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Captain America, and the Avengers. It's hard to believe it now, but practically no one who bought comic books in 1996 cared about these titles until Heroes Reborn. If Heroes Reborn didn't revive these titles it's likely that Marvel would have buried them 6 feet under and we wouldn't be talking about a sequel to the Fantastic Four movie today.

Yeah, Marvel sold out. You'll do anything to stay afloat if your company is battling bankruptcy. Even handing over a coveted property like Captain America to an idiot like Liefeld made sense at the time. So Marvel hired guns from Image comics to reimagine these characters with a modern style. The great thing about Heroes Reborn was that we finally got to see Jim Lee draw FF. The bad thing about it was that Liefeld basically ruined the experience for everyone. That whiny, cry baby. He couldn't get his crappy drawings of Captain America (with breasts) out in time and got his butt fired. Lee had to cover for him and ended up leaving the penciling tasks of Fantastic Four to Brett Booth after issue #6. Booth did some amazing pencils for issues #7-9 and then he suddenly disappeared. You could tell that things were just up in the air with Fantastic Four by the time issue #10 came out. Ron Lim taking over for Lee and Booth? Wasn't the point of Heroes Reborn not to have Marvel artists drawing the book?

Here's issue #1 of Volume 2 of the Fantastic Four. If you think Lee's pencils are tight for this double-sized issue extravaganza, just wait until issue #2 when he cranked it up another level. Bauer out.

Fantastic Four v.2 Issue #1

Batman Issues #334, 337, 344

Three cbr files | 9, 13, & 8 Mb | 27 pages each
Another 3 issues of Batman coming right at you! The first story is titled "Infinity Island." The next two issues are titled "Where Walks a Snowman" and "Monster My Sweet" (starring Poison Ivy). Bauer out.
Batman Issue #334
Batman Issue #337
Batman Issue #344

Friday, December 29, 2006

Batman Issue #327

One cbr file | 8 Mb | 26 pages
You knew it had to happen sooner or later. In this issue Batman ends up in the nut house. Yup, ol' Bats has gone bats. The worst thing about it all is that Batman put most of Arkham Asylum's community in the looney bin and let's just say that they all want a piece of the Dark Knight. Enjoy the action! Bauer out.
Batman Issue #327

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Batman Issue #321

One cbr file | 13 Mb | 22 pages
Batman, Robin, Commissioner Gordon, and Alfred get burned alive at the stake by the Joker! Looks like a good one. Bauer out.
Batman Issue #321

Batman Issue #320

One cbr file | 6 Mb | 18 pages
I visited BDComics website recently and I noticed that they're looking for some missing Batman issues. I've thought about it for a while and I decided that I will post all the issues that they're missing on this new blog. This blog is not even one day old yet, but some people will remember me from my old blog "Jack Bauer's Pop Culture." It was a very popular blog where I posted many comic books, music videos, radio shows, and tv shows. This time I'm going to pace myself and focus mainly on comic books. I will be posting the final 4 episodes of last season's 24 on here in hdtv very soon though. All the issues of Batman that BDComics is missing will also be posted here. At one time on my old blog, I had 500+ Batman issue links posted, so if BDComics is looking for some other high quality scan issues I'll be happy to up those too. Look for issues of Ghost Rider, Superman, and TMNT to be the focus on this site for a while. Enjoy the entertainment! Bauer out.
Batman Issue #320
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