Thursday, December 28, 2006

Batman Issue #321

One cbr file | 13 Mb | 22 pages
Batman, Robin, Commissioner Gordon, and Alfred get burned alive at the stake by the Joker! Looks like a good one. Bauer out.
Batman Issue #321


W0lfgang said...

Great start to this blog, Bauer!! And love the intro on this issue - look forward to dropping by a lot by this blog. And who knows - making a contribution or two. Bookmarking this right now.

By the way, I'd really like issues of the Justice League International - I've searched high and low on various forums with no satisfaction..

Jack Bauer said...

Good to see you stopping by w0lfgang. Contributions are welcome to anyone on the blog and you'll get full credit! Just post the link to the file of whatever comic book it is and any info you want said about the book and I'll be happy to post it up with everything else on the site.

Justice League International is certainly a tough find, but I can guarantee that I'll be posting some of those issues during the next few days! You can always find satisfaction at Jack Bauer's Headquarters. Bauer out.

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