Thursday, December 28, 2006

Batman Issue #320

One cbr file | 6 Mb | 18 pages
I visited BDComics website recently and I noticed that they're looking for some missing Batman issues. I've thought about it for a while and I decided that I will post all the issues that they're missing on this new blog. This blog is not even one day old yet, but some people will remember me from my old blog "Jack Bauer's Pop Culture." It was a very popular blog where I posted many comic books, music videos, radio shows, and tv shows. This time I'm going to pace myself and focus mainly on comic books. I will be posting the final 4 episodes of last season's 24 on here in hdtv very soon though. All the issues of Batman that BDComics is missing will also be posted here. At one time on my old blog, I had 500+ Batman issue links posted, so if BDComics is looking for some other high quality scan issues I'll be happy to up those too. Look for issues of Ghost Rider, Superman, and TMNT to be the focus on this site for a while. Enjoy the entertainment! Bauer out.
Batman Issue #320

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