Saturday, August 04, 2007

X-Men Giant Size #1

One cbr file | 11.4 Mb | 36 pages
This is the issue that put the X-Men back on the map for good. The original X-Men series basically died for several years and was reprinting early issues of the series. Then this issue was released with a new team of X-Men who were composed of mutants from continents across the world. It's tough to fathom a time when Wolverine or Storm wasn't in the pages of X-Men, but this is the issue that started it all. It's the most coveted issue of X-Men of the 1970s. The regular X-Men series started printing new stories with this exicting new team with X-Men #94 and the rest is history. Cyclops was the only original X-Man in the field (Prof X formed the team) who joined this new team. See how it all began right now. Enjoy! Bauer out.
X-Men Giant Size #1

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