Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm Power Girl Dammit!!! Movie (Repost)

One mov, QuickTime video file | 35.2 Mb | 05:00
Tawnya Manion is back to reprise the role of Power Girl from DC Comics. This time Power Girl meets up with Bizarro Superman in an abandoned building. Once again Tawnya makes this fan film work with her beauty and entertaining acting. There was actually a third Power Girl video released recently with her teaming up with Catwoman. There wasn't enough Power Girl in it and the story was just plain bad. None of the Catwoman videos have impressed me much. But they were made for free, so why complain? The first Power Girl video is still up and it's even a little longer than this one. Enjoy!
I'm Power Girl Dammit!!! Movie

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