Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Emma Frost #1

Emma Frost #1
Is it a bad thing that one of my friends looks like Emma Frost? Um, no. Is it bad a thing if another one of my friends looks like Michael Turner's version of Witchblade? No again. Comic book girls real? Uh-huh. They're real and they're spectacular. Nuff' said.


theplasticpoet said...

interesting blog you have here.

it's helped me fix/complete quite a few of my own collections.

so i'll share some of my stash as well.


enjoy. and thanks again.

note: my iron man collection is being uploaded.

Jack Bauer said...

Hey, thanks for the compliments and the link. Looks like you have some great books uploaded. Do you want me to share the link with other visitors in a posting? Thanks for visiting the blog!

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