Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Image comic artists in Wizard interview

The original Image comics founders reunite for this June interview. Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri, Erik Larsen, Jim Valentino, Whilce Portacio and Rob- sorry I can't say the "L word." Everyone is there except Jim Lee. Damn, these guys look old now.

Note: I received a comment (believe it or not) today on this post. It was in Spanish so I really couldn't tell what it was about. Something about discriminating against somebody. Hmm. Was I discriminating against Rob? I won't say his last name that begins with an "L" because he's a jerk and he deserves as little publicity as possible. Saying his last name is like swearing. His artwork continues to get worse through the years (also drawing large breasts on male superheroes) and he left Jim Lee holding the bag when he screwed up "Heroes Reborn" with Marvel. So what is Rob trying to do now? Restart Youngblood for the one hundredth time. He'll be all worn out by issue 2, as usual. Also was I discriminating against old people? Hell no. Most of the comics on this blog were drawn or written by senior citizens. Not to say that the founders of Image are that old yet. Word of advice Jorge. Lighten up.

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Jorge said...

Hola amigo: quería invitarte que visites el blog que estoy realizando con mis alumnos de segundo año de la secundaria sobre LA DISCRIMINACIÓN.
Tema arduo e interesante.
Seguro será de tu agrado.
Te invitamos que leas lo que gustes de él y hagas una opinión sobre el mismo.
Tu aporte será valioso.
Un abrazo desde la Argentina.

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