Thursday, January 05, 2012

Witchblade is Back!

Finally! Witchblade #151 hit the stands today! I'll admit that it's probably been since Michael Turner's days that I've read this title, but something is new and fresh about this story. No longer is it a relic title from the 90s, but it once again has substance and solid artwork. As you may recall from long ago, Sara Pezinni worked for the NYPD and was the wielder of the mighty Witchblade. Well, time has passed and starting with #151 Sara moves to the streets of Chicago to kick some villainous ass. Also #151 kicks off a new writing (Tim Seely) and art (Diego Bernard) team. New writer Seeley takes good ol' Sara Pezinni and doesn't try to make her act younger than she is. She still looks hot, but she's no 21 year-old anymore. She's gone through 150 issues of battles and her character's dialogue shows that she's been a tough girl for quite some time. She even briefly lets loose the f-bomb, which is something that would never had been allowed to be printed back in the 90s. Diego Bernard pencils and Fred Benes (Ed Benes' brother) inks this exciting new issue. The first 3 pages of the book consisted of artwork from another artist for some giant Top Cow Productions crossover focusing on The Darkness, which was honestly confusing. But once we jumped over that nonsense, the real story began and the artwork kicked into high gear. Rumors are that Bernard and Benes are only signed on for a short term at this point. Personally I would like this art team to stay on for the long term because I haven't wanted to buy this book for its style of art in a very long time. So if you come across Witchblade again, it's definitely worth jumping on board this book. Many people had given up on this title for a good reason, but you should make sure to tell your "comic book guy" to start ordering some extra copies of this book so other people can enjoy it too.

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