Saturday, April 14, 2007

Aquaman TV Pilot

4 rar files containing one avi video file | about 95 Mb each, 360 Mb total | 41:24
In the fall of 2006 there was an Aquaman series proposed for the CW/WB network based on the DC Comics superhero. There was a 41 minute pilot created for the show, but the series was never picked up. This pilot was unaired so few people are aware of it's existence. Although I haven't watched it yet, I've read that's it's supposed to be entertaining. Ving Rhames of the Mission Impossible movies even stars in it so it's worth checking out. Thanks to for uploading this episode. Download all parts to view the video. Rar files can be opened with free programs like WinRar. Enjoy! Everyone have an awesome weekend! Bauer out.
Aquaman TV Pilot Part 1
Aquaman TV Pilot Part 2
Aquaman TV Pilot Part 3
Aquaman TV Pilot Part 4

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