Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Batman Originated From...

Zuracech Lordum wrote:
"Hey Jack, please do be aware as to who deserves the proper credit for Batman. When Kane first came up with the idea of the character, he thought of a guy in reddish tights with two bat-like wings. This character was called "Bird-Man" by Kane.

At that time (back in the 1930s), Kane knew of a young and upcoming writer by the name of Bill Finger. Finger suggested adding cowls, gauntlets, a black cape, eyes without slits, the icon of the bat in his chest and the black and white scheme of the costume. Essentially, he transformed Batman from a comic Superman-like vigilante to the brooding, calculating and sinister hero that he became.

Why wasn't he given any credit? Back then only the artists used to get the credit for their creations and he didn't include Finger's name. Writers were paid only minimally and Finger was but a "ghost writer". Nevertheless, Finger scripted pretty much all the original stories until a guy called Gardner replaced him.

In effect, Bob Kane did nothing but draw. Later on, there was a huge outcry at the injustice delivered to Finger but Kane, through a series of lies and twisted stories, held on to the credit for Batman and earned millions while Finger died a poor man. Ironically, in the year after Finger's death, a law was passed whereby unrecognized contributors from the past would be paid their dues.

The Bat-Mobile, Gotham, Robin and Batman's alter-egos and histories, the Joker, the Riddler, many other villains and whatever is characteristic of Batman that the public loves was created by Finger. That little box at the corner of every Batman comic saying "Batman created by Bob Kane" is the biggest lie ever.

Bill Finger is truly an unsung hero.

Do check out:


There're many other articles on the web that elaborate on this. I earnestly hope that a day will come when Finger's name is included as well amidst all the movies, comics, merchandise and anything related to Batman."

Bill Finger has now been given his credit on this blog for creating Batman. You learn something new everyday. Bauer out.


The Shadow Knows said...

Bob Kane was a fraud. Finger was robbed.

Vikash said...

Ditto, antithesis to everything he claimed to create - no honour, no respect, no integrity.

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