Friday, May 04, 2007

Amazing Spider-Man #298 & 299 (Venom Cameo)

2 cbr files | 10 & 7 Mb | 22 pages each
These comics are extremely popular at the moment. It's the first two issues that artist Todd McFarlane ever drew of Spider-Man and Venom also makes a cameo in both issues. Venom's cameo is so brief in #298 that it's almost not worth mentioning. It wasn't until #299 that we actually get a full look at Venom. The storyline for #299 is a continuation of #298 so you'll probably want to read both of them. The amazing thing about issue #298 is that McFarlane's penciling style looks very basic in this issue. If it didn't say "pencils by Todd McFarlane," most people probably wouldn't be able to identify that Todd drew this issue. He begins to develop his own unique style in #299 in a few panels, but basically continues to stick to the typical Peter Parker and Mary Jane look. It's not until issue #300 that we see the true flashy McFarlane pencils that made Todd a Spider-Man fan favorite. The story of issue #298 and 299 is about the villain Chance and how he's blowing things up, stealing guns, and being followed by Spider-Man. Spidey makes some mistakes in these issues that are probably the result of past dealings with the symbiote costume messing with his head. Here's some interesting trivia. In the movie "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark," one of the lead characters actually rips a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #298 in two. I can hear Spider-Man fans screaming "Noooooo!" Enjoy! Bauer out.

Amazing Spider-Man #298
Amazing Spider-Man #299


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