Thursday, May 10, 2007

Silver Surfer v1 Complete Series

18 cbr files within 2 rar files | 92.2 & 91.8 Mb total | 36 to 65 pages each
Uploaded by Zuracech Lordum
It's the complete first volume of the Silver Surfer! Now that you've been introduced to him in issues of the Fantastic Four, you should be able to enjoy the Surfer. Zuracech wants you to be able to read all these great issues before FF2: Rise of the Silver Surfer hits movie theaters next month. He was kind enough to upload them all and says that there are more volumes to come. These issues are selling like hotcakes on EBay these days. So scarf em' up. Written by Stan "The Man" Lee and penciled by John Buscema. Enjoy! Bauer out.

Silver Surfer v1 Issues #1-8
Silver Surfer v1 Issues #9-18


Anonymous said...

Hi, Jack

Looking forward to the Silver Surfer series.
One thing, though, can you please upload the files as a ".cbr" archive? (it's a proxy issue with .rar)


Jack Bauer said...

Thanks for visiting! If you're having problems with opening rar files, just download the small WinRar program for free at
It's straight from the company website. WinRar is also a nice, easy program that can be used to edit cbr/cbz files. Once again, thanks to Zuracech for uploading the SS v1 issues. Bauer out.

Reno said...

Can you please re-post vol2? Thanks!

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