Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Silver Surfer v2 #1 (one-shot by John Byrne)

The Silver Surfer had been languishing in exile from the publishing world after the end of his first solo series. He made occasional appearances on the Fantastic Four comics but he largely remained anonymous. This was because Stan Lee had personally kept the rights to the character (since he enjoyed him so much) and as the big man became busy with other facets of the Marvel comic empire, he found that he had less time to actually write. John Byrne, the penciller for the Uncanny X-Men series at the time (which included the famed Dark Phoenix Saga) and an avowed Kirby fan, decided to bring the Surfer back in 1982 and plotted this issue with Lee returning to write the script. The two were unable to take it any further and this issue stood alone as a one-shot.
Silver Surfer v2 #1 (John Byrne one-shot)

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