Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Silver Surfer v3 #002-010

The movie's out and the Silver Surfer has made his debut on the big screen. Personally, I still haven't seen it and I can't wait to see it for myself.

In case anyone hasn't had enough of the Zenn-Lavian, then here are some more comics from the third volume of the Silver Surfer comics.

These 9 comics (packed inside the rar file) are the first few comics of Englehart's run. The stories are action-packed and entertaining while the plot is of a cosmic scope with some romantic entanglements attached. Basically, a new group of beings called The Elders decide to destroy the Universe and it's up to the Surfer to try and stop them.

I guarantee you that this is an entertaining saga as it produces some of the best work (both in terms of written and artistic quality) on the Silver Surfer character. It is only topped by the next saga that Englehart writes and I was so impressed that I personally wrote an e-mail to the writer to thank him for the brilliant comics that he delivered back in 1989.

Look out for the concluding issue as there you will see one of the biggest meet-ups in Marvel history.

Silver Surfer v3 #002-010

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