Monday, January 01, 2007

Gen 13 v2 Issue #6

One cbr file | 13 Mb | 25 pages
I recently mentioned Jim Lee's 2-issue run on Gen 13. This came shortly before Lee took off to Marvel to pencil Fantastic Four. I think it's interesting to see his take on Gen 13, a book I never expected to see him draw, especially so early in the second volume of the series. J. Scott Campbell had made this series red-hot with his explosive pencils. I think Campbell was having some problems getting the book out on time and needed a break, so Jim stepped in for him for a two-issue stint. Still, I recall that this issue was at least a couple weeks late arriving on the stands. As most of you know, Gen 13 has recently been relaunched with the original superhero team. I doubt that the sales are that spectacular today, but during the 1990s Gen 13 was a phenomenon. I'm paging through a Wizard magazine from 1995 and I see that Gen 13 was ranked #7 of all comic books being sold. This book was outselling practically every comic book at the time. Only X-Men books, Wolverine, and Spawn had better sales than Gen 13. It was certainly a different world back then. Enjoy this action-filled issue of Gen 13! The second part to the Jim Lee run will be posted in a few days. Bauer out.
Gen 13 v2 Issue #6

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