Friday, February 09, 2007

Bone Issue #15

One cbr file | 7 Mb | 26 pages
Lucius and Phoney Bone make a wager on their "road trip." It wasn't as fun a trip as they envisioned. Meanwhile, Fone Bone and Thorn try to figure out what's up with Gran'ma Ben's attitude. Bauer out.
Bone Issue #15

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Zuracech Lordum said...

Thanks again.

You interested in starting a Sandman section? Sandman is a series based on a fictional god-like entity called Dream and focuses on his life and all his adventures that he goes through. The art varies from being amazing to dull but the plot is always interesting (short stories excluded).

Though, as far as I'm concerned, the central character is just so damn cool. That's more than enough reason for me.

Here's the link for the first volume:

I'll upload the remaining 9 if interested.

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