Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fantastic Four v2 Issue #10

One cbr file | 7 Mb | 23 pages
This issue is titled "Madmen & Prophets." They must be referring to fired Captain America penciler Rob Liefeld. This story's issue should actually be called "The Issue Where Galactus Goes Crazy." So that happens in this one. But artist Jim Lee and substitute Brett Booth have disappeared by this point. Marvel house artist Ron Lim does the pencils and they're really short of fantastic. I just thought I would post this one because it was the last one I had and you get to see another chapter in the storyline. The whole point of Heroes Reborn was to see Jim Lee drawing Marvel characters again and then he was reduced to drawing covers and supervising the other Heroes Reborn titles. I never understood why Brett Booth left the book. He was probably busy beating the crap out of Liefeld. I didn't buy FF issues again until Salvador Larroca started his run with volume 3 of the series. Next up: Heroes Reborn: The Return Mini-series by Larroca. Bauer out.
Fantastic Four v2 Issue #10

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