Friday, February 02, 2007

Spider-Man #1

One cbz file | 8 Mb | 21 pages
This is the first issue of Spider-Man from 1990. At the time, this was the 4th regular monthly series of Spider-Man. The other series were Amazing Spider-Man (1963), Spectacular Spider-Man (1976), and Web of Spider-Man (1985). This first issue was the best selling single issue of a comic book, until X-Men #1 the following summer. If you have never read this one, prepare to be dazzled by Todd McFarlane's amazing splash pages, especially pages 2 to 3. McFarlane began penciling Spider-Man with issue #298 of Amazing Spider-Man and was the series' regular artist until issue #323. He also penciled issues 325 and 328 as he finished his run on that series. Next week I'll be posting issue #2 of this series. In the meantime enjoy the first part of the 5-issue storyline titled "Torment." Issues 6 and 7 of this series have already been posted. Bauer out.
Spider-Man #1

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