Thursday, August 07, 2008

Anybody want some Hulk shoes?

Marvel seems to be auctioning off props on EBay from this year's Incredible Hulk movie. This is a good item for Hulk fans. They're actually selling some of Liv Tyler's (Betty Ross) shoes from the film. Starting bid is $89.99 USD. Also, remember all those Hulk statues that they had at the movie theaters over the summer? If you have a pile of cash somewhere, you can take one of those home with you for only $3,100 USD. They ship the shoes, but if you want a statue it's for pickup only. You'll need practically a moving truck to haul that sucker. Or you could just throw Hulk in your convertible and ride around the neighborhood with him. There's one Hulk statue that's selling for $1,800 USD because he's missing his teeth. Hulk get smashed? Hulk needs dentures.

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