Thursday, August 21, 2008

Netflix Customer Service Stinks

Has Netflix gotten too big to care anymore? Everyone has probably heard about the Netflix mailing glitch last week. It took them an extra couple days to ship out dvds in the US last week to customers. But tell me why they started shipping me dvds that they already shipped me earlier that week. They messed up my queue and relisted 3 more dvds in my queue that I already had in my possession. If I hadn't quickly deleted the next 3 choices, they would have sent me more dvds that they had previously mailed me. Thank you Netflix for wasting my time and my picks. Netflix doesn't believe in using e-mail for customer service. They want you to call them if you have any problems. Well that didn't work. When I called their number last weekend, I was given a message to hang up and call another number to pay $5.49 to talk to customer service. What the hell? I've used Netflix's customer service in the past, but leaving a message like that at their number is inexcusable. Netflix is a mostly reliable service, but things like this make me flip over to Blockbuster because I can always contact them through at least e-mail if there is an issue. Netflix will refund customers 15% of their next month's subscription because of the mailing glitch. But why the hell do I want to renew with them anytime soon after this mess? has practically the same service and you can even return dvds to the store in exchange for free rentals. I think I'll take my business there until Netflix wakes up. Iron Man will be released on dvd on September 30th. I'll be buying that one and not waiting for any service to ship it to me. Nuff' said.

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