Friday, January 25, 2008

Angela #1

Angela #1
Angela made such a splash in her 1st appearance made in Spawn #9 that she was given a 3-issue mini-series. This is Angela's second appearance, which is penciled by the dazzling Greg Capullo. Greg also took over penciling duties of Spawn when Todd McFarlane decided to retire (and focus on making Spawn figures, the Spawn animated series, and that dreadful Spawn live-action movie). Capullo is so talented at penciling, that most Spawn fans didn't notice it when McFarlane handed the torch over to him. Angela is an entertaining mini-series that would have made a nice transition into a regular series. It's probably too late for that now because most people have forgotten about this bad girl angel. Look for Spawn to guest-star in this issue.

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