Saturday, January 12, 2008

Veronica Mars comic book series?

Hottie Kristen Bell might be hitting your comic book stores sometime this year. Kristen starred as the title character in the critically acclaimed tv series Veronica Mars. The creator of the tv series (Rob Thomas) confirmed that he is in talks with DC Comics to bring season 4 of Veronica Mars to comic book form. Granted that season 3 basically sucked when they switched tv networks and turned the series into a girlie show. I was even glad to see them put the series out of its misery with cancellation. But if this new comic book series can capture the edgy and mysterious stories of seasons one and two, this could be a really fun comic book series. Bring back character Logan Echolls as a smartmouth jackass and this series should be gold. Kristen Bell is currently starring on the tv series Heroes, in case you want to see more of this yummy, yet talented actress. Click on the photos for some large high quality scans.

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