Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fantastic Four - shelved movie clip Repost (Video)

Fantastic Four - shelved movie clip Repost (Video)
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You have probably heard of it floating around out there. Back in 1994, Marvel had a Fantastic Four movie filmed and they never bothered to release it in the theaters or on video. I remember looking forward to this movie and disappointed when I read that it had been shelved. Actually it was a good thing that this movie was never released. I have about a 5 minute segment of the film that I'll share with you and you can have a good laugh at it. Doctor Doom cracks me up every time I see him waving his hands around like he's struggling for air or anyone's attention. "Look at me! I'm Doom!" I think not. I guess that they do sell the entire version of this movie on the web somewhere, but I wouldn't waste my valuable time on it. It's just something to laugh at over the weekend. Make sure to use the DivX player to watch it. Bauer out.

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Anonymous said...

This low budget film was better than the 100 millon dollar version, which as very expensive carbage. I'll take that 1994 FF film anyday over that other, and a widescreen edition would be even better

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