Monday, January 07, 2008

Savage Dragon #13 - Jim Lee & Erik Larsen Versions (Repost)

2 cbr files | 7 & 9 Mb | 26 & 34 pages
I mentioned a few posts earlier that Jim Lee drew one issue of the Savage Dragon before he retired penciling for a couple years during the 90s. Erik Larsen (creator/writer/penciler of Savage Dragon) was in an uproar when he discovered that Jim killed off one of the Dragon's central characters. That just goes to show you how scattered Image Comics was in those days. So Larsen took it upon himself to write and pencil another version of issue #13 of the Savage Dragon and told Dragon fans to disregard the events that took place in Jim Lee's version of #13. It could have all been fixed if Larsen had just written a simple intro for issue #14 stating that issue #13 was only a dream. In my opinion, I think it was all brought about by a dream Professor X had with the intentions of wiping out the Image universe. Pre-Onslaught destruction. I'm posting both versions of issue #13 so you can compare them and draw your own conclusions. Bauer out.
Savage Dragon #13A Jim Lee Version
Savage Dragon #13B Erik Larsen Version


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, Bauer!

Jack Bauer said...

No problem.

Alex said...

There is more to the story about why Erik created Savage Dragon #13b that that...

Since the outset of the series, Erik had wanted to do 300 consecutive issues of SD. The Image X-over event meant that he would lose one year in trying to attain that goal. By redoing his issue #13, he was able to keep that streak alive.

Also, there were important events in the Savage Dragon story that occurred in the issue of WildCATS that Erik drew, and he later wanted those events to actually happen in the pages of his own book. A lot of the pages in SD #13 are actually reprinted from his issue of WildCATS.

Mattkind said...

Actually that a Lie Jim Lee Didn't Kill off any Character Alex is Still Very much alive at the End of 1ie. 13B Even Refers to the Events of 13A Erik Never told anyone to Dis Regard Jim's Issue He just wanted to Keep the Numbers intact. Not Sure how that Dumb Ass Rumor Got Started

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